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Dating online is the latest buzz in the internet world, and its popularity is unquestionable. Current statistics showed that more and more people are turning to dating online to find their ideal partner. And what's more, the dating online business has continuously surged through the years compared to many other internet-based business. [Read More]


Oh My God Me Married To A Cheating Man

If you are married to a cheating man, you will have at least one "other woman" in your life to begin with. Obsessive thoughts most likely occupy most of your days So Who Is She? What is She Like Really? What does This Woman Have To Offer that I Do Not Have? And more importantly, why does this other woman want MY husband? There is a social stigma to this "Other Women". They are loose, unethical women who prowl the nights out looking for prey to steal. Crap.

There are 2 types of woman - one who want a man and one who just want some sexual relationship with him. Let us talk first about The Other Woman that is NOT out to make your husband her own husband at all. These women are usually very busy, intelligent women who do not want a full-time relationship at all. Having an affair is actually a preferred situation to having as compared to a full-blown relationship.

She needs a little attention, companionship, and yes, sex of course. and your husband needs a little more attention, companionshipand yes, sex too. Such affairs are not only about sex, but they are not nearly as highly charged emotionally as affairs that are had when your husband (and the Other Woman) fall in love over the heels with each other.

Now, the other type of Other Girl and your husband are involved emotionally. She will feel as if she does want to be his (your husband) wife and yes, your husband will start to believe that he wants to really be with the Other Woman, too usually. Neither of these women are "bad" or unethical, nor do they really lack moral fortitude. You, the betrayed wife, just need a easy scapegoat. You just need someone to blame your cheating husbands actions on.

Ladies, let us get real. 99% of Other Women do not FORCE your husbands to stray and be with them. These women simply accept what is being offered on the table, and for that one fact we should feel some bit of sadness for these people. When you accept emotional or sexual affection from someone who has vowed those actions to another, you are really selling yourself extremely short. Regardless of what kind of issues the marriage had pre-affair, the infidelity of your husband is the fault of.

well, your husband. Period. WHY he did it may be something for the couple to deal with, but the act of actually DOING IT is the cheating husbands responsibility. An affair is not the betrayed wifes fault at all, nor is it the Other Womans fault. Put the blame where it rightly deserves to beeven if you decide to KEEP HIM with you.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that just because YOU decided to stay married to him in spite of the sexual affair, that he suddenly is not accountable for his own actions and behave as if nothing has happened.

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