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Marriage Counseling

Marriages are made in heaven but what no one can say for sure is how they will be consummated here on earth. With the divorce rate reaching an all time high, marriages have started losing their sense of permanence. With people choosing to give up on their relationships rather than fight for them, the high incidence of divorce is not surprising. However what people often fail to do is try marriage counseling before they decide on separation or divorce.

Marriage counseling is one of the most important aspects of building a strong marriage in troubled times. If you are part of a difficult marriage, or find it impossible to communicate with your partner then marriage counseling is a good option. Some people have a misconception that marriage counseling is a step backward and indicates that a marriage is in dire need of help. This is not true, if anything attending marriage counseling shows a couple's willingness to work on their marriage, in today's day and age such commitment is hard to find and marriage counseling is definitely a positive step forward. Before any couple attends marriage counseling the couple should discuss why it needs marriage counseling. Most men have a tendency of taking marriage counseling as a negative step as it shows his incapability to manage a marriage.

Once again it is important for a couple to sit down and discuss the problems it is facing. In fact for any marriage to be successful communication is the key. Once the couple has tried to resolve their problems between themselves and they find that they cannot reconcile their differences only then should they consider marriage counseling. Also a couple should understand that a marriage counselor is not a magician, and there is no such thing as overnight results.

Many people give up on marriage counseling because they feel they are not getting the results they expected; the only problem is that marriage counseling is not a one day seminar like affair. It requires time and dedication from the couples to work on their marriage and only when both husband and wife are willing to attend marriage counseling does marriage counseling work. Another misconception about marriage counseling is that marriage counseling can help a couple reconcile almost any kind of problem, this is not true. For example, a wife has to be willing to forgive her husband's infidelity and vice versa. This is why it is important for a couple to first consider resolving their problems at home, more often than not marriage counseling can be avoided if a couple can sit down and discuss their problems as mature adults.

If you are in a troubled marriage, understand that marriage counseling is perfectly acceptable if you find that you have reached an impasse in your marriage. Do not take marriage counseling as a failure if anything marriage counseling is a positive step forward and if you are looking to save your marriage or make it better, then marriage counseling is a viable and meaningful option. Marriage counseling is not magic Many people give up on marriage counseling after a few sessions thinking that counseling is not working for them. The truth is that only magic can help a relationship become perfect in a day. Like all things in life, marriage counseling too requires a certain amount of dedication.

Just like children need care and attention, so do relationships. Only if a couple is willing to work as a team and want to get together and make their marriage the best it can be, can marriage counseling work. Remember it is foolish to think that marriage counseling will show overnight results, sure the minor aspects will show improvement, but for marriage counseling to be effective patience is a vital ingredient.

Christopher Hartwell is the author of this article on Marriage Counseling. Find more information about Marriage Counseling here.

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