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Christmas Tree Romance

The time is coming to decorate your home for the holidays. You will soon be decking the halls and painting the Christmas tree with lovely ornaments and tinsel for the whole family to see. Of course, the Christmas season may have bitten you in a more exciting way this year and if it has not you might want to consider letting it bite you just this once. Start the season off right by picking out your Christmas tree together. The best way to start the celebration is by spending time doing the simple things, like picking out the tree, with one another. Many people believe the start to the season revolves around the Christmas tree trimming ceremony in their home.

So, this is the ultimate way to get into the Christmas mood/spirit together. Why not consider the romantic aspects of the Christmas tree trimming ceremony this year? Whether you are a couple without kids that will be decorating your living room tree or you've decided to have your own tree in your bedroom the following ideas are sure to add a spark to your ceremony that was never there before. Decorating your Christmas tree can be an incredibly romantic event. Have some wine, a nice dinner, and some soft music playing before you begin.

Make sure to have all your decorations out beforehand so you will only need to worry about decorating as the evening progresses. Once you are ready to begin, you can show off your sexy new ornaments. While you will want to add the traditional balls, picture frame ornaments of you together, and special ornaments, you should also sneak in some fun and sexy ornaments, as well. She will be sure to laugh with joy as you pull out the phallic shaped penis ornaments or the other body part ornaments, while he will laugh at the addition of nipple tassels. The ideas for sexy ornaments are endless and well worth the few dollars you will pay to add them to your adult-themed Christmas tree.

Make an evening of your tree trimming celebration by wrapping one another up in tinsel in between all the excitement of the tree trimming. Put the lights on the tree first. This will give you a wonderful excuse to dim the lights and set the mood for a more intimate decorating experience.

A night like this, away from the holiday stress and hustle, will give you the right beginning for Christmas. Relaxing fun with your favorite loved one is not only good for your mental state, but for your relationship as well. However, trimming the tree is just part of the festivities and magic of the holidays. The symbol of the Christmas tree can be a constant romantic centerpiece this holiday.

You might choose to spend the evening wrapped in each others arms, with the tree lights on, while you go over your day or plans for tomorrow. You might want to hide little presents in the tree and let her find them. Of course, if you are even more adventurous you might want to take advantage of the tree skirt that is located under your Christmas tree. Just think you could lay her under the tree and have the most romantic moment of the evening, as you make love. This moment is certainly the best way to start the holidays together! Of course, this is just the beginning as the entire holiday season offers the opportunity for holiday memories you can reflect upon for many years to come.

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